BEX-8203A  Galvanometer-based Laser Scanning Apparatus 
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Experimental principle

Scanning galvanometer is to make the laser beam incident on the mirror, and use the computer to control the reflection angle of the mirror to achieve the deflection of the laser beam: the laser beam is incident on the first reflecting lens (X axis), and the deflection of the scanning motor drives the X axis The lens rotates to form a position scan in the X axis direction; the light reflected from the X lens enters the second mirror (Y axis) of the reflection lens, and the rotation of the second motor forms a position scan in the Y axis direction to complete the Scan on the plane.

Instrument characteristics

• Modular design and faster installation

• Multi-angle (up, down, left, right, and tilt), high-precision adjustment device


• Visualized light path


• High-speed and stable scanning galvanometer


The scanning speed is stable and adjustable within 0-5000mm / s, which can continuously and steadily scan and output the graphic you designed.

• Visible working status, remote shutdown function of any axis scanner


The driver includes laser power status indicator, X-axis and Y-axis working status indicator, X-axis and Y-axis can be independently controlled remotely, and is equipped with status indicator.

Experimental content and typical experimental data

1. Demonstration of laser scanning


2. XY scanning center deviation measurement and calibration

3. Scanning image parameter setting and scanning size correction


4. Measure the focal length of F-theta lens


5. Pincushion distortion and barrel distortion

6. Maximum scanning range determination

7. Use of beam expanders

Parts List

BEM-5015    Laser Scanner Apparatus Driver

BEM-5201-03    Track, L300mm

BEM-5201-06    Track, L600mm

BEM-5412    View Screen with Carrier,10X10cm,360°Scale

BEM-5016    Diode Laser,515nm

BEM-5416    F-theta Lens,532nm,f=160mm

BEM-5206    F-theta Lens Mount

BEM-5417    Scanning Mirrors XY

BEM-5041    Scanner Control Motor with Position Detection

BEM-5218    Scanner XY Mount

BEM-5207    Diode Laser Mount

BEM-5042    Scanner XY Connect Cable


BEM-5415    2-8X Beam Expander,532nm

BEM-5208    2-8X Beam Expander Mount


Experiment × 1(Please see equipment list);Power Cord×1;User’s Manual × 1

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