BEX-8204   Color Matching Apparatus 
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The color matching experiment is mainly composed of an integrating sphere, an optical fiber spectrometer, and a standard light source. Select three colors of red, green and blue LEDs or LDs as the three primary color light sources, which are powered by an separated power supply. By adjusting the current to change the luminous intensity, continuous changes of R, G, and B tristimulus values can be achieved, matching different colors.   You can visually observe the color change through the integrating sphere window. You can also use the spectrometer and BSV software to accurately measure the colorimetric parameters such as color coordinates, color temperature, and dominant wavelength. Furthermore, you can use the optical power meter to do the absolute intensity measurements for LD lasers to help students understand and master the basic theory and methods of color measurement.

Through the observation window, you can directly see the color changes


Sdutents can measure the colorimetry parameters accurately like an engineer


LD/LED holder and power supply can also be used for demostrating or analyzing the color characteristics of own lamps


Typical experiment and data

1.Relative intensity calibration of measurement systems using standard tungsten halogen lamp, whose color temperature is known.

1 (1).jpg

2.Measurement of basic optical characteristics such as LED's bandwidth and center wavelength.


3.Using red, blue and green LEDs to match white light.


Parts List

BIM-6001-06    Miniture spectrometer

BEM-5216-15004    Integrating sphere, Φ150mm, SMA905, including two fixing holes of Φ50mm and Φ30mm, M20 * 0.5 connection seat,

Φ38mm observation window with lens

BIM-6102-0615    Quartz fiber

BIM-6210   Fan cooling Tungsten Light Source

BEM-5224    LED/LD holder

BEM-5711    RGB power supply


Apparatus (1), power cord (1), USB cable (1), aviation plug cable (1), manual (1).

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