BEX-8207 LiDAR Experiment 
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EX-8207 is an experimental device that uses 3D LiDAR combined with an infrared camera. By testing different samples, designing multi-dimensional experimental operations, realizing automatic collection and processing of sample point cloud images, obtaining distance, reflection intensity, spatial coordinates and other information, to achieve digitization experiment.


  • With 3D LiDAR, a wealth of information can be obtained and multi-dimensional images of the target can be generated

  • Infrared camera can be used to visualize the scanning path of the radar

  • Abundant measurement samples to help students complete the experiment and carry out expansive experiments on their own

  • The software has powerful functions, which can analyze and measure the distance and reflection intensity of the target, and can also measure the vertical resolution and horizontal resolution

Experiment Content

  1. Understand the basic principle of LiDAR imaging;

  2. Use the experimental device to recognize the three-dimensional graphics of the front target;

  3. Understand the TOF (Time of Flight) measurement principle, measure the target position (distance) and the relative distance between multiple targets;

  4. Through experiments, master a variety of methods to measure the vertical angular resolution of LiDAR;

  5. Through experiments, measure the single scan angle of the LiDAR at different speeds, that is, the horizontal angular resolution;

  6. Through experiments, understand the ability of LiDAR to distinguish targets at different distances;

  7. Understand the algorithm of LiDAR to calculate the target space coordinates;

  8. Observe the influence of different media on LiDAR imaging.

Typical Data

  • Target pattern recognition


  • Vertical resolution measurement



Laser wavelength: 905nm

Laser channel: 16

Detector height adjustable: up to 120mm

Equipped with infrared visible camera

Operation panel size: 450mm*600mm

Adjustable slit width: 0-100mm

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